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ProPrint is the culmination of nearly 50 years of screenprinting experience. Our use of high quality products coupled with precision equipment means you get the best possible result.

Our fully digital screen prep process cuts down production time. That means faster turn arounds for you.

The use of state of the art equipment gives us incredible printing capabilities. You have more print options than ever to sell to your customers.


  • Cost Effective In Most Quantities

  • Most Versatile Application

  • Traditional Look and Feel

  • Quantity Price Breaks

  • Great For Most Fabrics


  • Number of Colors Determines Cost

  • Minimum Of 12 Pieces


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In the athletics world, apparel is highly personalized. Maybe the other guy can pump out tens of thousands of pieces but is every single one of them right? Does it have the correct name and number? How do the color combos look?

We don’t take anything for granted. We make sure every piece that leaves our hands makes it to yours looking perfect.


  • Iconic Look and Feel

  • Great For Corporate Apparel

  • Low Minimums

  • One Time Set-Up Cost*

  • No Cost per Color


  • Longer Turn-Around Times

  • Fewer Quantity Price Breaks


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Detailed designs and small runs are no problem for FuzeFlex. This is the solution for jobs where traditional decoration methods just don’t cut it.


  • High Quality Images

  • No Minimums

  • No Per Color Cost

  • Cost Effective At Low Quantities

  • Faster Turn-Around

  • Low Set Up Cost

  • Great For More Garments


  • Rigid Feel

  • Cost Per Square Inch

  • High Cost At High Quantities


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QuickPack is our order fulfillment solution. Get your orders retail ready with our bag and tag service. We can ship directly to your customers if you need it.

We do all of our artwork creation in-house. Our design staff is ready and willing to turn your ideas into a reality. Art approvals with Nomos are effortless.