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YOur company of choice and partner in excellence

We bring speed and efficiency to contract apparel decoration through a synergy of people and technology.

The AR Legacy

Founded in 1970, Apparel Redefined was first “Angie & Rick’s Custom Screening & Monogramming.”

It started as a very small family-owned business. For the first several years, the company operated out of a garage and basement. They made tees for the local recreation departments, police, and fire departments.

The business began to steadily increase as the disco era ushered in a fashion revolution. The t-shirt was no longer a plain and dull part of the wardrobe. It was a blank canvas for self-expression and a medium to convey an alliance to a favorite band, beverage, team, and brand.

By 1977, the company had moved from the cramped and dusty basement to its second location in Bridgeview, IL. A warehouse was built for the screen printing production, offices for sales and artwork, and facilities for the sewing and embroidery department. In 2006, Angie & Rich decided it was time to move on.

The ownership of the company changed hands and the name was shortened to A&R Screening. From 2006-2017, the new owners worked on growth and carving out a niche market. They had much bigger visions for A&R Screening. Technology and fabrics were changing, the cotton T-shirt era of the '70s and '80s was no longer in high demand. The 2000s saw the monumental rise of companies like Under Armour and the explosive growth of Nike who both ushered in the dri-fit fabrics that dominate the apparel market today.

A&R Screening made its niche in decorating athletic apparel. They invested in new technology and developed new processes that focused on quality and efficiency. They committed to long-time customer relationships and began to expand the customer base beyond its long-time local reach.

In July of 2017 after 11 years of excellent service, dedication, passion, and partnership, the President of A&R Screening, Jo-Ellen Doranzo retired and Vice President, John LaRoy stepped into the role.

The next 18 months would usher in an unprecedented period of growth, change, and focus. In November 2017, the second home of AR Screening in Bridgeview, IL was sold. February 2018 A&R Screening moved from its cramped 3,500 sqft facility into its new 22,000 sqft home in Crestwood, IL. May 2018 they added a 2nd line of production and new state of the art equipment in all of their production departments. June 2018, work on NOMOS begins. In December 2018, we decided it was time to retire the old moniker that was dedicated to the original founders in 1970, Angie & Rich, and rebrand with a new name and logo that still pays homage to its roots by keeping the “AR” but repurposing the initials to “Apparel Redefined. “ The old logo, name, website, marketing materials were officially retired on November 30th when we executed the re-brand and “launched” Apparel Redefined.

Apparel Redefined, is innovating an archaic industry by leveraging and developing technology to improve efficiency, build culture, and execute plans for aggressive growth.

AR is more than just a contract apparel decoration shop. We've redefined the way we look at apparel decoration services. It's not about what we can do, it's about how we do it better.